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6 best sports advertisements of all time

All Stars vs Sumo Wrestlers
All Stars vs Sumo Wrestlers

In this hugely competitive era of marketing of products the sports companies and the sporting events never failed to catch the eye of the common people. Sporting brands like Nike, Adidas, EA Sports and many significant other brands have appointed top notch ad makers who have provided us a fair share of humorous and motivational ads over the years. Adding to it, the mere presence of some world famous sports personalities makes the advertisements even more attractive and popular. From motivational advertisements to brilliant marketing strategies, here we make a list of top 6 advertisements of all time.

6) McDonalds: Lebron James vs Dwight Howard

We kick start our list with one of the most humorous and cheeky sporting advertisements ever where obviously the presence of hugely popular basketball legends like Lebron James, Dwight Howard and Larry Bird creates a brilliant marketing potential. This advert starts with two-time Olympic gold medalist Dwight Howard challenging Lebron James, the greatest basketball player ever (Micheal Jordan fans, don’t stab me for this!) in a 1 vs 1 basketball showdown where the first one to miss the basket sees the other one eat the Big Mac Fries. Throughout the ad, both the superstars show their showboating skills with no one failing to put the ball in the basket and the basket eventually breaks after a strong attempt from Dwight. The cheeky part of the ad comes when 3 times NBA Champion Larry Bird is shown having the lunch which leaves Lebron and Dwight dumbfounded. Well done, McDonalds!

5) Nike- Find your greatness

Nike has been one of the leading brands in the world, as far as advertising is concerned and this ad itself is one of the reasons why. This ad which shows a fat boy running and not giving up despite being tired and sweating is rather simple but provides huge inspiration to the aspiring athletes. On the top of it, the motivational quotes which has been spoken in background throughout the ad conveys a very important of message to the young stars.

4) FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful

EA Sports has been producing brilliant advertisements for the FIFA games for a long time which has never failed to amaze us. It was really hard to pick one but FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful advertisement is arguably the best of the lot. This ad mainly focuses on two of the greatest Argentinian players of our generation- Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero where they show different tricks and skills for the game-makers to track. This ad also shows the introduction of women’s football to the game and the popular celebrations of players like Antoine Griezmann and Daniel Sturridge. A short appearance of 3 times World Cup winner Pele acts like a cherry on the cake at the end of the video.

3) HBO: Boxing After Dark

Apart from being a brilliant advertisement, this clip from HBO also serves as one of the most inspiring videos of all time. This video shows how a boy who does not even have a proper place to sleep, works hard all day long just to do what he loves. Boxing. This inspirational 2 minutes advertisement from HBO gives a strong message to kids who are not financially stable as it shows how the kid struggles his way up to fight on a glorious stage one day. Kudos to HBO for putting on something as good as this.

2) Nike- Tiger Woods/Rory Mcllroy Ripple effect

NIKE- The only sports brand who have made our list twice. No wonder they are regarded as the best ad makers in sports history. Want to get emotional goose bumps? Watch this advertisement. This advertisement shows how an young kid inspires himself from watching Tiger Woods and aspires to become a golfer like Tiger Woods. With a soothing music in background this ad shows how the young golfer practices even in most adverse of conditions just to become like his idol. The kid finally grows up to be a successful golfer and is shown to be playing with his idol Tiger Woods. Guess who the kid is? Rory Mcllroy. This video ends with the trademark message of Nike- “Just Do It.” No wonder this grabs the second position in our list and is one of  the best sporting advertisement ever.

1.) Pepsi – Footballers vs Sumo wrestlers

This advertisement by soft drink brand Pepsi will take you back to your childhood. With a perfect mix of entertainment and humour, this one tops our list without a shade of doubt. The ad features popular football stars like David Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Raul Gonzalez who are challenged by a bunch of Sumo Wrestlers. The two teams decide to play for a box of Pepsi and the match gets as dramatic as it can. Watch the ad and take a nostalgic ride.

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