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Episode 2 – Raouf Gangjee, Kalkutta Komedians

Kulkutta Komedians
Kulkutta Komedians

Comedy is a thing which relaxes our mind and soul after a hard days work. We all would love to have a good dose of laughter at any point of a the day of course as it is something that we cannot get enough of. Coming to stand up comedy, it is the thing in trend now and there are a lot of talented stand up comedians in India who you could listen to.

Keeping all these things in mind, What’s the Hype caught up with Raouf Gangjee, the founder of Kalkutta Komedians to know more about the art of stand up comedy and how it differs from normal comedy. To know more about the same, watch the video.

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Interaction with Rauf Gangjee:


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