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Episode 1 – Debanjali Das, Guiding monk Tattoos

Debanjali Das
Debanjali Das

Tattoos are a thing which are never out of trend as it not only gives a person a different look but also tells us about that same being a lot. Though this generation and the upcoming ones are more likely to be inclined towards tattoos, they face a lot of challenges in getting one done, the first hurdle being their parents. Also, many people have conjured up thoughts that getting a tattoo done is extremely painful and it comes with different skin diseases.

Keeping all these things in mind What’s The Hype caught up with a very talented tattoo artist in town, Debanjali Das who runs her own tattoo parlour, The Guiding Monk Tattoos. She treats her clients as persons who have a story to tell and considers her work place her home. To know more about her and the art of tattooing have a look at this video which is sure to clear all your doubts.

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Interaction with Debanjali Das:


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