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9 signs that proves you have the coolest boyfriend

The world is growing in such a fast pace that the moment you blink, there are several changes which already took place and it looks quite surprising! There are changes in people, the environment, places and most importantly, relationships. Relationships are a very big part of our lives’ and what makes relationships stronger are the ‘emotions’. Emotions can either make us emotionally and mentally stable or unstable.

It all depends on how ‘creative’ or ‘destructive’ they are. At the end of a tiring day of work, we all want that ‘ONE’ person to whom we can go up to and cry about how bad the traffic was or how rude our acquaintances or colleagues were with us. Family and friends are there to listen to our ‘bad day’ experience and console us, but the relation we share with them isn’t the same relation we share with our boyfriend/girlfriend.

In modern relationships, partners seem to be much more open to each other. They try to imagine themselves in each other’s situations, so that they can understand and console in a loving and greater manner. Partners tend to understand and respect each other’s dreams and aspirations. They give each other moral support and love for achieving what they want. Modern relationships are not only based on love. It is built on a foundation of friendship and love, as partners tend to act more like best-friends even when they are in love.

Now if your boyfriend treats you like a princess and supports you like a best-friend, then trust me, HE IS THE MAN!

9 signs proving your boyfriend is the coolest-boyfriend ever:

1. He is a good listener

“I am going to smack that guy!”
“I hate going to work!”
“I am scared. I feel like everything will be over one day.”

If not every day, but most of the days we say these phrases and boyfriends are used to hearing all these. Now every time you say all these, your boyfriend seems to be pretty cool about it and listens to you very patiently without ranting or nagging and then promises you to be there by your side every time and proves it, no matter what, then girl , you are lucky!

2. Nagging about your ex – He knows you hate it and doesn’t even bother

It is very common that guys are possessive about their girlfriends because they care and they are more concerned about the present and future. Your boyfriend knows that now it’s all about him and you and he can literally go crazy but will do anything to make this relationship work. One of the greatest things he can do is not recall the past and be happy. Only you and your happiness is important to him.

3. You feel safe with him

There are times when you overthink and feel like you are going to mess up things with your boyfriend. At that time, if your boyfriend brings you your favourite food, listens to everything you are thinking about and gives you hug to make you smile, know that he loves you and you are always safe with him. Not even a mosquito can buzz around you. Okay, that’s a little too much, sorry!

4. Breaking up is not an option always

Everytime you fight with your boyfriend doesn’t mean that it’s time to breakup.  Every relationship has its flaws and ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean you will give up. Your boyfriend might be annoyed with your behavior towards him but then also, he will make super-cute efforts to patch up quickly by keeping his ego aside and make you happy.

5. Support for him seems like another name of ‘LOVE’

A boyfriend knows when you are angry, tensed or nervous. He can figure out from your facial expressions and he will support you till the end to make you feel better. He will push you more towards your goals and will always respect and support your dreams and aspirations.

6. A lil’ bit of personal space matter to you and he knows it

We all need some ‘me’ time to figure out certain things in our lives’. It might be a very big decision or something really very minute. Your boyfriend doesn’t compromise on your personal space. He won’t mind if you want to be alone for some time because at the end of the day, he knows that you deserve all the happiness in this world. Major ‘aww’ moment!

7. Your flaws are not really flaws for him

Both of you have flaws and no one make the other feel uncomfortable about them. Your boyfriend treats your flaws as a part of your personality and embraces them as it makes you look perfect for him.

8. You are always a part of his decision

Your boyfriend treats you as important as his family and when it comes to decisions, you have to be a part of it. He knows that if he is going somewhere wrong in his decision, you are there to hold him back and make him understand. He believes in taking decisions on a mutual consent.

9. Say NO to being cliché

You are his best-friend and he hates being cliché with his best friend. He would choose Netflix and pizza over candle-light dinners because he knows comfort level matters the most and big purchases and materialistic things are not something to make a relationship perfect.

The word ‘perfect’ is a myth. Nothing is perfect in the world, not even the best looking wedding cake. Perfect boyfriend? Ha-ha! A perfect boyfriend is actually someone who has imperfections and doesn’t really feel ashamed to possess them. Let’s take a moment to say ‘aww’ if your boyfriend actually has all these qualities in him!

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