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5 hints to understand “She” is Interested in You


Found the perfect girl, but you don’t know if she is interested in you or not. Sometimes you miss certain hints a girl is giving, and you are busy searching a love guru to decode her feelings for you. Yeah, girls are hard to decode! Don’t worry I got you covered. A few hints that will help you decode her feelings for you.

Makes eye contact.
Makes eye contact.

Eye contact

Whenever you look at her, she is already staring at you. She never hesitates to make an eye contact with you. Some experts say that if the girl looks down after making an eye contact, that means she is interested in you. Whenever she is talking to other people (mainly boys), she looks at you often. Long eye contacts are not a new thing for you. You often find her smiling from her eyes after seeing you.

Texts you first.
Texts you first.

She calls or texts first

Maybe you have not noticed it yet, but you are the first person she calls or texts to share something. She never stops talking to you or loses interest in your talks. She never lets a conversation die, the conversation between you two last for hours and you both never get bored. Even she admits it that she enjoys talking to you.

Gives you time.
Gives you time.

Gives you time

It doesn’t matter what time it is, if you are talking to her she is replying back. It doesn’t matter if she is busy, she takes out time from her busy schedule for you. You always find yourself around her and she doesn’t ignore you.

A girl blushing.
A girl blushing.


When you talk to her or compliment her she blushes. Yeah, this is a small thing but trust me it’s a big hint. She enjoys your compliments and loves to hear more; yes she is interested in you. Sometimes girls don’t like boys complimenting them, but if she is interested she in you, your compliments won’t annoy her at all. If you are the reason she is blushing, she is totally into you.

A girl tells you she is not in a relationship.
A girl tells you she is not in a relationship.

She tells you that she is not in a relationship

She makes it clear to you that she is not in a relationship. She wants to make sure that you don’t have any misunderstanding related to her relationship status. She is giving you a major hint that she is interested in you.

Follow few simple things and you will know if she is interested in you or not. Hope, these common yet powerful hints help you to about her interests. Once you know about her feelings, please don’t waste time over thinking about it. Just ask her out.

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