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5 games you can play with just a pen and a piece of paper

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe

In today’s world of fast pace and competition, we are drowning in the feeling of stress and tension. Technology plays a vital role in this generation and it has helped millions of people, companies and businesses to grow up every day and approach each other in a competitive manner. We can see people getting their work done in seconds with the help of computers, mobile phones, printers, fax machines, etc. Every one of us is influenced by this regular way of getting their work done in a quick and easy manner.

In so much of stress and tension which appear due to the feel of competitiveness, people love to take breaks from their daily chores. There are different ways by which a person can take a break from his/her daily chores, like watching a movie, reading books, etc. Nowadays, we see people glued to their phones as they play different types of mobile games. These games can be stress busters but can also affect our vision and sometimes, reduce the capability of thinking.

Earlier, when there was less hype about mobile phones or gaming consoles, people entertained themselves with games which were played with just a pen and a paper. These games were as good as mobile games and at the same time, exercised our brains for better thinking and memorizing skills.

These are 5 games which can be played with just a pen and a paper:

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

It is a game which is played by two players. A 3×3 grid is drawn and each takes turn by drawing either X or O. The player who succeeds to match a line of X(s) or O(s), in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows wins the game.

2. Categories

It is a game commonly known as ‘Name-Place-Animal-Thing’. It can be played by more than two players. A table with small squares is drawn and divided into different categories. In this game, a sample alphabet is given to one player and that player has to write a name, place, animal and a thing starting with that particular alphabet. Players take turn to write their desired words starting with the alphabet they have been given.

3. Hangman

It is a game which can be played by more than two players. One player thinks of a word or phrase which the other players has to guess within a limited number of guess. For each wrong guess, an element of a hangman stick-figure is drawn until the player who is guessing succeeds in telling the correct word.

4. M.A.S.H

It is a two-player game usually played by children. It is played to predict one’s future. Here, one player chooses a number and according to that ‘magic’ number, the other player tries to predict the future.
M.A.S.H stands from ‘Mansion’, ‘Apartment’, ‘Shack’, ‘House’.

5. Dots and boxes

In this game an empty grid of dots is drawn. One of the players take the first turn and a draw an adjacent horizontal or vertical line and the other continues. The lines turn into square boxes. The player with the most number of boxes is the winner.

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