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India gets its first Stargazing camp and it is sure to blow your mind

Night gaze
Night gaze

Stargazing has always been a fascination for every person. I believe the sky makes people fall for it. And then changes it’s colours, making more people lust for it. Sometimes majestic blue and sometimes blushing purple, the sky is the the most beautiful thing one can fall in love with.

Remember how you wished to go out on a date with your loved one, just like Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS who had their first date under the open star studded sky, and gaze at the stars as you wished to cuddle your love and have coffee? Although it was a planetarium in the TV series but what if you could actually get a chance to witness the night sky the way you always wanted to?

In a city full of blinding lights scraping the sky, star gazing seems to be a dream. When you go out for planned trips most of the hotels allow you to have a good night’s sleep when you are out for tours but some deliberately make you stay awake like a night owl enabling you to witness the night life of the place.

The details:

Astroport Sariska, claimed to be the first astronomy and adventure camp is welcoming stargazers, is one such place.

The astroport is located between the Aravalli range and the Sariska National Park, and at a distance of 5km from it. From Jaipur the distance is 115km.

Dubbed as the second darkest place in India away from the city lights it offers an incredible view of the night sky with the stars glowing as diamonds and best suited for astronomical observations. The area is very less polluted by light and a perfect clear night sky is in front of the viewer keeping any visitor stunned.

Dub telescopes, cameras and binoculars are provided at the astroport allowing you to gaze at many stars together. A trained educator helps the visitors navigate the gazillion stars through the telescopes and sky charts and other specialized instruments. Sessions on astrophotography, telescope making, learning about the zodiac are also a part of the experience.

Just as one can have a wonderful night one can engage in jungle safaris in the national park tracking tigers, going on ATV rides, visit the Mansarovar lake at 3km from the astroport, go on treks to old forts, caves and other natural wonders of the deserts, birdwatching and camel Safari during daytime.

This astropark has a larger vision in mind being pioneers within the nation. According to their website, “Astroport in its larger view aims at providing employment or creating entrepreneurs in the field of astronomy. Astroports are fully equipped to execute these trainings and provide certifications that can be used later to earn a livelihood”. It is this vision which demarcates them from other retreat or organisation to currently exist in India.

As it is a retreat, there are two types of accommodation available. Galaxia hold two king sized beds fit to accommodate 4 to 6 people and comes up to INR 13000 including all meals. Nebula, the other option holds 8 queen size beds holding upto 10 people at a price of INR 22000 inclusive of all meals. Accommodation in the form of Swiss tent cottages start at INR 13000 with suite bathrooms and the more Spartian pitchable tents can be booked at INR 5400.

Being mesmerized by the beautiful play of the blue and purple colours of night and sparking diamonds brightening the vision, it is said even shooting stars can be spotted there.

The next time you plan where to go out on holidays and want to have an additional night time entertainment, you know exactly where to go.

This is where I spent my weekend. Disclaimer: I did not take the photo, but it is from Astroport's website. But it pretty much looks exactly like this. The sky – dotted with millions of stars (which , as I found out is a mix of stars, clusters, deep sky objects, meteors, dying stars, planets etc) . The cloudy patch on the right is our milky way. I also learnt that JK Rowling named Sirius after the brightest star in our sky. It sort of forms a jewel in a make belief dog's collar which is obviously made up of other stars. And since Sirius as an animagi knew how to turn himself into a dog, this is pretty cool. (Also, Andromeda, Draco, Bellatrix, Luna are all names taken from the stars. JKR, good one!) I think this has been one of the best weekend trips so far where I have done things I wouldn't have otherwise done and once again been reminded by the universe how insignificant we or our troubles are in the larger picture . Much larger picture. Might be in love with the sky for some time. Credit: awesome photographer at Astroport

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