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Virat and Anushka take adoration to a new level in their latest advertisement

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma (Photo source: Twitter)

Where did you meet your better half? Not in the sets of a commercial for a shampoo brand , I presume? Well, back in the year 2013, a match was made, in the aforesaid mentioned place.

Yes, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, first met on the sets of a commercial for a shampoo brand. Then their plane took off and they have been enjoying eversince. Meanwhile Ranveer Singh played the role of cupid in their love story. It is said that Ranveer Singh met Virat at a party, and introduced Anushka to the cricketer. The head and shoulders ad pair, began dating when Ranveer Singh broke up with Anushka Sharma. The duo underwent intense dance rehearsals. They displayed amazing chemistry on screen and Kohli had to undergo a crash course in the Latin American dance style along with his ladylove.

After four whole years, they meet again for a shoot of a commercial and Virat Kohli wasn’t being able to keep his eyes off his ladylove. Pictures reveal that, while Anushka looked at the camera, Virat kept staring at her. Both pulled off the colour black very well with great confidence justifying the tagline ‘Wear black, with confidence’. Also reportedly, at an event both of them paired up in black, as if they were straight out of the the ‘Head and Shoulders’ advertisement.

Their relationship has always being under media criticism and Anushka Sharma’s presence during a match was also held responsible to Virat scoring zero in the particular game.

Nevertheless, we can find them reuniting in an advertisement, yet again, and we hope that this advertisement will be much appreciated by the audience.

Both of them look gorgeous, dressed in ethnic wear, but currently the brand they are endorsing, can’t be really understood. So Let us just wait and watch to find out what is there in store for us.

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