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‘Marley and Me’ guy Owen Wilson celebrates his birthday today – Here are some mind boggling facts about him

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

Whether he’s acting or co-writing brilliantly quirky character studies with director/writing partner Wes Anderson, Owen C. Wilson’s work exudes an insouciant yet earnest charm and eccentric comic sensibility, making him one of the most promising new talents to emerge in the 1990s. Being one of the most humorous characters of Hollywood, here are 10 rare facts about Owen Wilson on his birthday:

1) Owen Wilson once accidentally shot his older brother -Andrew Wilson still has a BB buried under the skin near his thumb after Owen accidentally shot him in a childhood accident. The BB was featured in a close-up in the film “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

2) He was in a relationship with singer Sheryl Crow in 1999. In her album C’mon C’mon, the song “Safe and Sound” was dedicated to Wilson and is said to be an autobiographical account of Wilson and Crow’s brief relationship.

3) This left handed comedian and actor has a tattoo of a clover with the word ‘luck’ written under it. This tattoo resides on his left shoulder.

Owen Wilson

4) When it comes to money, he is parsimonious. It happened that the movie studio provided him with a rented Mercedes convertible during the filming of The Big Bounce in Hawaii.Owen returned it in favour of an American sedan and pocketed the $15,000 difference.

5) Although he owns homes in California and Hawaii but he is still a regular resident in the guesthouse at his parents’ Strait Lane home.

6) He is known for voicing the lead character Lightning McQueen in the 2006 Pixar film “Cars”. Now, you know why he is one of the actors children love.

7) One of Wilson’s trademarks is the shape of his nose, which interestingly enough, he declines to talk about in most interviews. He has broken his nose twice in a row. The first time was a football injury Owen sustained while playing on his high school’s football team, and the second time was during a fight Wilson got in while in High School.

Owen Wilson

8) In 2007, Wilson’s inner and private struggle met with his demons and came to its peak when he reportedly attempted suicide. On August, 26, 2007, the actor took pills and then cut his wrists at his home in Santa Monica, trying once and for all to get away from his problems.

9) He likes playing table tennis also doing water-sports like body surfing and swimming. He is said to be a regular swimmer and loves spending time in water, be it in a pool or an ocean.

10) He was included in People magazine’s “Hottest Bachelors” list in June 2006 and was ranked at No. 7 in the poll on Most Wanted Summer Hunks conducted by Entertainment Tonight TV in July 2005. Apart from this, he brought home a MTV Movie Award in 2004 for winning the Best Kiss category which he shared with Carmen Electra and Amy Smart through “Starsky & Hutch” (2004).

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