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Bollywood diva honoured as the Sexiest Asian Woman for the 5th time

A poll conducted by the London-based weekly newspaper Eastern Eye has come up with a list of “50 Sexiest Asian Woman” where Priyanka Chopra topped the list and got back up. Priyanka has won this title for the fifth time. Even after reaching the top, she did not forget to thank those who are important to her. She said “I cannot actually take credit for this at all. Full credit should be given to my genetics and your optics. I feel grateful and am humbled. Consistency is key.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

The others who followed Priyanka Chopra to the top included Nia Sharma in the 2nd position and Deepika Padukone in the 3rd position, then comes Alia Bhatt (4th) and Mahira Khan (5th). It is not just us who think she actually deserves it and earned it.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Asjad Nazir, The entertainment editor of Easter Eye and founder of the “50 Sexiest Asian Women” described Priyanka being the perfect mix of beauty, brains, bravery and a kind heart. Guess, no other description fits as well as this does. He said “Priyanka Chopra has become an incredible international ambassador for India and is smashing through glass ceilings all over the world. Apart from being courageous enough to fly into unknown professionally, she has also done a lot of work for social causes, become a strong symbol for girl power and is making a young generation have big dreams”.

Priyanka has been busy with her work unable to do many things, she has said before but what’s so amazing about her is. Not only did she take out the time to thank her parents for the “genes” but also wrote such a cute message for them. She tweeted saying “I should thank my mom and dad for this award… lol! It’s purely their genetics and also the immense love you guys give me every single time which has put me on the top of the list 5 times over.Thank you @EasternEye… you do know how to flatter a girl”.

The world full of pride, ego and prejudice did not seem to get to Priyanka. She has stood her ground and not forgotten who she owes to and who she really is. She remains humble and kind as much as she is sassy and sexy and never fails to amaze her fans.

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