What’s The Hype welcomes all creative and enthusiastic minds to join the team and be a part us as we intend to educate the universe in our own way.

We, at What’s The Hype believe that every individual is blessed in their own way and has something to offer to this world. So innovate, develop and grow yourselves with us and we promise to give you an experience of your lifetime.


Content Writing

Are you looking for a platform to showcase your writing skills? This is certainly the best place to be. Join us to serve the world with extraordinary content together.

Content Writer Jobs
social media executive

Social Media Executive

Utilize your free time and don’t settle for just being a social media freak. We are looking for candidates who are familiar with editing softwares and have a decent understanding of the same.


People who can build good conversations along with excellent command over the English language are always welcome. Candidates should also know how to present themselves in front of the camera.

anchor jobs
Public Relation Jobs

Public Relation Officers

People who are active on a lot of social media platforms and want to be a part of something innovative and fruitful. People with excellent communication skills are to be preferred.


It is often said that not the one infront of the camera but the one behind it makes the difference. So are you the one thrilled by the art of shooting? What’s The Hype is looking for Videographers who have a firm grip over the handling of cameras and the magic that can be created with it.


Videographer jobs